About Reiq  [2]

About Reiq


Reinaldo Quintero is a prolific artist who has grown a large community of followers around the world. His art has impacted thousands of amateur artists who have found in Reinanldo’s work not only deep insights into a mixture of styles but also great inspiration to pursue a successful career in the arts.

Reinaldo started his career at very early age and his work has been continuously showcased in international magazines, conventions, websites, communities and the press. Reinaldo counts with more than 20,000 engaged fans in multiple social networking platforms. His tutorials have been viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube and Livestreams. 

Many renowned artists have influenced Reinaldo’s career and his experiences in Japan and London have earned him a very unique drawing style that has positioned him as one of the most promising Latin American artist in his genre. Reinaldo’s portfolio on art communities has been viewed more than 7 million times over the last 3 years.

You can find more of his work at: